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Uno Laser Mega Quad X-LRGBPW880 with 4 beam output is one of the best selling laser fixtures since 2013 worldwide. With a total of 880mW RGBPW this Full Color Professional Laser Fixture rotates, frequently flashing, zooms in and out and changes colors.

Create amazing custom light show with Pangolin's QuickShow or BEYOND Laser Show Deisgn software systems!



  • Professional Laser Light Effect, Auto Play, Sound, 8 ch. DMX-512
  • Plug'N'play, no setup or custom show capable
  • ILDA Cable linking
  • High capacity and speed microprocessor
  • Micro-step motor scanner
  • BrightAccurate
  • Incredible w/ FOG

Uno Laser Mega Quad 880 Light

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