The SLX4 receiver is rack- or desktop mountable and features a diversity-antenna design. The diversity design allows dual antennas to compete for the strongest possible reception. An XLR microphone-level, and 1/4″-phone line-level outputs are featured. A comprehensive LCD display provides Frequency, Group and Channel information as well as transmitter battery status, audio level and more.


The SLX2 handheld transmitter features the supercardioid Beta 58 capsule. The supercardioid polar pattern effectively rejects signals at the off-axis sections of the microphone, allowing higher gain before feedback from monitors and speakers. The Beta series microphone features an enhanced frequency response contoured for vocal use. The transmitter features a comprehensive display with timeout function. Two AA-size batteries provide up to 8 hours of power.

Shure SLX Series Wireless System With Beta 58 Capsule (H5: 518 – 542 MHz)