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The portable ZRXS18P powered subwoofer delivers massive low end that your audience will feel in their chest! The ZRX-S18P Extreme Performance Powered Front Firing Subwoofer features an 18-inch High Excursion Driver with a 3-inch high-temp voice coil that can withstand the most intense performance spaces whether you’re at an outdoor wedding or the festival circuit. Immense 1,600W of continuous Class D digital power that cuts through crowds while maintaining that polished performance quality the pros crave. It’s easily portable design makes heavy travel and gig set-up simple and convenient while the Digital Signal Limiter and LED indication monitors the sub’s activity to prevent overheating and other internal damage from heavy use.


Gemini ZRXS18P 18 Inch Powered Subwoofer Features

-Extreme Performance Powered Front Firing Subwoofer.
-18” High Excursion Driver with a 3” High Temperature Voice Coil.
-1,600 Watts of Continuous Class D Digital Power.
-Switchable Hi Pass Filter.
-Switchable Phase Control.
-Master Volume Control.
-Digital Signal Limiter and LED Indication.
-Line and Link IN XLR Connectors.
-XLR Output Connectors.
-Multi-Voltage for Worldwide Use.
-Includes Pole Mount and Side Handles.

Gemini ZRXS18P (18-Inch 1,600 Watt Powered Subwoofer)