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The ZRX-S15P extreme performance powered front firing subwoofer features 15″ High Excursion Driver with a 3″ high-temp voice coil that can withstand the most intense performance spaces whether you’re at an outdoor wedding or the festival circuit. Immense 1,200W of continuous Class D digital power that cuts through crowds while maintaining that polished performance quality the pros crave. It’s easily portable design makes heavy travel and gig set-up simple and convenient while the Digital Signal Limiter and LED indication monitors the sub’s activity to prevent overheating and other internal damage from heavy use.


Gemini ZRXS15P Powered Subwoofer Features

-Extreme Performance Powered Front Firing Subwoofer.
-15-inch High Excursion Driver with a 3-inch High Temperature Voice Coil.
-1,200 Watts of Continuous Class D Digital Power.
-Switchable Hi Pass Filter.
-Switchable Phase Control.
-Master Volume Control.
-Digital Signal limiter and LED indication.
-Line and Link IN XLR Connectors.
-XLR Output Connectors.
-Multi-Voltage for Worldwide Use.
-Includes Pole Mount and Side Handles.

Gemini ZRXS15P (15-Inch 1,200 Watt Powered Subwoofer)