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Extend your low-end with this portable powerhouse. Whether used on its own or with a sub, the ZLX-15 P provides crisp, clean highs and tight, deep lows for larger spaces – all with enough amplifier headroom to make sure you’re heard both loudly and clearly. Electro-Voice powered speakers have become a staple of the live music scene. Equally at home as Front-of-House PA speakers, wedge monitors, a stand-alone PA box, a permanent installation, the foundation of a DJ rig, or even as a keyboard or acoustic guitar amp, ZLX’s versatility is another reason these speakers are so popular. It’s easy to see why Electro Voice boasts that ZLX are “The best-selling speakers in the world.”


-15″ Powered Loudspeaker
-1000 W (Class D); 127 dB max SPL; 42 Hz – 20 kHz
-15” woofer and 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver
-38.0 lbs (17.3 kg)

Electro-Voice ZLX 15P (15″ 1000 Watt Powered Loudspeaker)