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Want to boost the energy of the crowd at a crucial point in your production? Look to the Martin Lighting RUSH MH 2 Wash moving-head fixture. This compact LED wash light is one of the fastest and most agile fixtures available. With RGBW color mixing, music trig and auto trig operation, and electronic dimming and strobe, you can generate an array of unique wash beam effects with the RUSH MH 2 Wash. DMX control makes it ready for the pros, while its built-in standalone trigger options and 20 programmable user scenes make it a great fixture for small clubs and permanent installation. For fast and exciting wash effects, check out the Martin Lighting RUSH MH 2 Wash.


Martin Lighting RUSH MH 2 Wash Features:
LED moving-head wash light fixture with RGBW color mixing
DMX, music trig, and auto trig operation modes
17-degree one-tenth peak angle
Fast and agile for exciting visual effects
Electronic dimming and strobe

(Demo Unit) Martin Lighting RUSH MH 2 Wash RGBW Moving-head Wash

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