ProX X-BLITZZX2 Blitzz Cold Spark Effect Machine Set of 2 W-Wheeled Road Case


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WOW YOUR AUDIENCE OR GUESTS:  Fireworks displays are an incredible way to entertain people. There are plenty of fireworks available on the marketplace, though they don’t always allow you to create the show that you desire. If you were to simply purchase fireworks, it would be impossible to set them to music.  With the Blitzz Cold Spark (simulated sparkler fountain) machine from ProX, you can create spectacular indoor displays for such events as:

  • Holiday celebrations
  • Parties of all types
  • Business launches
  • Weddings & Reception
  • Festivals
  • Indoor concerts.


One of the main reasons people choose ProX Blitzz is that they produce very little smoke and no odor. This is almost unheard of within the pyrotechnics industry because these two things are the definition of fireworks and always happen with fireworks due to their explosive content.  The granules used in our machines have no explosive content.  Our sleek design is self-contained inside a small metal box. It is also self-cleaning, so there is no mess afterward.


You have the ability to control the height and duration of the sparkler display, as well. This makes it safe to use indoors so that you don’t have to worry about fires. It’s completely safe, complete with a precautionary safety shutoff feature.  Plus, the effect is only 62 degrees Fahrenheit, a cold sparkler display!  


The ProX Blitzz Cold Spark Machine is a DMX-controllable device that can project a 3 to 16-foot fountain of cold sparks.  (62-68 degrees F) The device is a compact rectangular metal unit with a control surface on the rear with powerCON in and pass-thru connectors for daisy-chaining units together.  There’s also a power switch and 3-pin DMX In and Out connections. The panel on the back is an LED screen with button controls that give the user intensity options.   It has a connector for the wireless remote control receiver as well. 


Devices require the ProX Spark Effect Granules  X-BLITZZ-P10FT (Indoor/Outdoor) or X-BLITZZ-P16FT (Outdoor ONLY)

Developed by ProX to fit the needs of the mobile entertainer and production companies, the machine works by heating up small grains of a proprietary mixture of metals, which are loaded into the machine from small pre-measured pouches.  Every 7 ounces (200-gram) packet gives the operator approximately 10 to 15 minutes of firing time, in 90-second increments with a cooldown time, which means no reloading the device after a single shot. These grains produce cool-to-the-touch sparks, and there is almost no possibility of igniting a fire as it does not use flames or gunpowder. The effect also produces virtually no smoke, and leaves no foul odor in the air, making this a great effect for indoor use.


The two units are packed in a ProX durable road case with 2 power cables, 2 wireless remotes, and 2 wireless receivers. and wired remotes.  

Blitzz Cold Spark Safety Suggestions

Any deviations from the safety information in the users manual and the safety sheet are at the user's sole responsibility.  It is essential that users completely read the most recent version of the operators manual listed below.  


NOTICE: All unused granules MUST BE REMOVED from the machine after each use and stored in a sealed airtight container of glass or plastic. Do not transport unit with granules in the bin.   Any granules from partially used bags must be stored the same way.  It is acceptable to mix granules from the bag with granules removed from the machine.   Failure to comply with this can damage machine and void warranty.

Blitzz Cold Spark Effect Machine Set of 2 W-Wheeled Road Case